Magdalena Wojtaszek

Transformation Through Realisation

Through Realisation

Online & in person

I offer hypnotherapy, past life regression, inner child work, reiki, cutting cords, energy clearing, chakra balancing and general support.

Challenging times

We live in very challenging and dynamic times. Lack of sleep, confidence, focus, satisfaction from life, self-love, anxiety, day to day worries, feelings of being unworthy or not good enough, confusion, fear, anger, guilt, sadness and many more can affect us all and can be dealt with and resolved step by step.

If you feel like you are stuck in life, I can help you to navigate your way forward. I use all techniques either combined or separately depending on the client’s individual needs. I utilise my skills and intuition to hold a safe space so the process of transformation and healing can take place.

My sessions

All the sessions are giving you an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, to place yourself on top of your priority list and (for a short period of time) to push everything else aside.

By coming to see me you are taking a step towards looking at yourself from a different perspective and with different eyes. It is a step towards discovery of a real you, a very beautiful person you truly are.

Give yourself permission to step back and relax and the world around you will relax too. Aho!

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